Vol.46, Issue 1, 2012

V.A. Bashkin

     Modular nets of active resources, pp.5-18.

M. Broitman, N. Silinskis and K. Solovjovs

Adaptive management algorithms for fixed size jitter buffer, pp.19-27.

M. Greitans, V. Aristov and T. Laimina

Application transformation Karhunen-Loeve in bioradar  Simulation of breath, pp.28-36.

A.V. Zelenkov, D. Liepkalns, A. Yershov and A. Maklakov

Development and experimental verification of automatic radar recorder

     of vehicles number and speed for opposite direction traffic, pp.37-48.

V. Karklinsh

     The “up-and-down” method using variable steps in sampling transformation, pp.49-56.

A.V. Ostroukh and N.G. Kuftinova

Automating the planning and management of transportation of products

     of the food industry enterprises, pp.57-67.

N. Sulima

     Probabilistic model of overbooking for an airline, pp.68-78.