Vol.45, Issue 6, 2011

A.S. Rybakov

Improving of precision of an estimating of a time position of the centre of gravity

     of analog signal through the discrete samples, c.5-20.

E. Beiners and K. Kruminsh  

Research of dynamics of a gated balanced comparator, c.21-30.

A. Baums

Method Mini-Max for power consumption optimization in systems

     of real time with set of processor elements, c.31-38.

V.A. Bogatyrev   

     Fault tolerance of configurations clusters with direct connection of devices of storage, c.39-48.

S.Z. Guliyev

     Zonal feedback control under discrete observations, c.49-57.

V.V. Ushakov, N.A. Sidenko and G.Ya. Filipsons

The computer analysis of singularities of aerodynamics and cylinder heat exchange

     in a viscous oscillating flow, c.58-76.

Y.A. Chizhov and A.N. Borisov

     Markov decision process in dynamic price policy task, c.77-90.