Vol.45, Issue 4, 2011

A.M. Andronov, I.B. Gerzbah and I. Shpungin
    About one application Signatures (D-spectra) to the analysis of the one-linear system of service, pp.5-17.
Ya.A. Sharifov
    Necessary optimality conditions in classical sense in the discrete optimal control problems
    with nonlocal conditions, pp.18-28. 
V.N. Boicov
    Probability distribution functions requests of two types of services, pp.29-35.
D.Ya. Novikov and L.D. Cheremisinova
    SAT-based implementation checking of logical descriptions with functional indeterminacy, pp.36-48.
M. Greitans, V. Aristov and E. Hermanis
    Control of amplitude-frequency band oscilloscope and signal-converters, pp.49-54.
A.Yu. Perevaryukha
    Hybrid models of natural resources dynamics: stable point, stable cycle and transient chaos, pp.55-68.
D.V. Speranskiy
    About compression of diagnostic information, pp. 69-78.