Vol.45, Issue 3, 2011

A.M. Andronov
    Markov modulated processes of reproduction and loss, pp.5-18.
S.V. Yarmolik and V.N. Yarmolik
    Random tests with small number of patterns design, pp.19-30.
K.R. Aida-zade and N.T. Aliyeva
    About a class of membership functions for fuzzy sets, pp.31-44.
T.I. Nasirova and A.M. Hasanova
    Determination of numerical characteristics of the moment
    of the first major repairs of compressor device, pp.45-55.
A.S. Rybakov and  V.Yu.Vedin
    Precise measuring time coordinates of event stream based on digital processing
    of triggered relaxation oscillator wave train, pp.56-69.
N.M. Ivanov
    The adaptive processing of weak signals set against the background of the high-power clutters, pp.70-78.