Vol.45, Issue 2, 2011

A.Lorencs, I.Mednieks and J.Sinica-Sinavskis

Design problems of tree species classifiers for multispectral images, pp. 5-17.

V.P. Suprun

One-level scheme realization on the main operations of modular arithmetic in unitary codes, pp. 18-28.

V.A. Smagin

The decision of the problem on conditional extreme at indistinct restriction, pp.29-35.

M.A. Schneps-Schneppe and J.J. Sedols

The Erlang formula with non-poisson streams, pp.36-45.

P.A. Osipov and A.N. Borisov

System for anomalous activity detection based on Markov models, pp.46-60.

T.G. Kyazimov and Sh.J. Mahmudova

Increase of system effectiveness of the automated biometric identification based on a photograph, pp.61-69.

J.J. Medel Juárez, J.C. García Infante, J.. Sánchez García

Fuzzy Digital Filter Type III, pp. 70-80.