Vol.45, Issue 1, 2011

S.S. Yakovlev and A.N. Borisov

Goal-oriented search in the task of ribonucleic acid folding, pp. 5-17.

A.G. Nagiev, F.B. Imranov and G.A. Nagiev

Multipage stereo phase portrait of three-dimensional dynamic system and

visualization of process of the control of objects with multiplicity of the steady state, pp. 18-29.

Ya.N. Imamverdiyev and S.A. Derakhshandeh

Fuzzy OWA-model for information security risk management, pp. 30-42.

A.R. Eryomina

Insensibility of stationary distribution of queuing networks states with multimode strategies,

polytypic demands and generalized processor sharing dispatching rule, pp. 43-54.

A. Baums and A. Gordyushin

Physical model for economical mobile robot design problem solving, pp. 55-63.

K. Kruminsh, V. Petersons and V. Plocinsh

Experimental study of noise suppression using modified up-and-down method, pp. 64-71.

V.P. Chapenko

Algorithmically method for increase the fault-tolerance of analog-to-digital converters, pp. 72-80.