Vol.44, Issue 6, 2010

A.V. Zelenkov
     Calculation of the parameters of hidden markov models used land vehicle navigation systems
     for the map-matching: Overview, pp.5-24.
V.A. Smagin, A.N. Novikoff and S.U. Smagin
     On one probabilistic model of the control in technical systems, pp.25-32. 
M. Greitans, V.N. Aristov and E. Hermanis
     Research of formers of ultra-wideband (UWB) impulses) , pp.33-42.
A.S. Rybakov and V.Yu. Vedin
     Precision event timing based on digital processing of the response of a harmonic oscillator, pp.43-56.
V. Karklinsh
     Optimization algorithms for balancing the discrete stroboscopic transformation, pp.57-67.
A. Baums
     Mini-Mах method broadening for energy consumption minimization
     in real-time embedded system, pp.68-74.
B.G. Ibrahimov and  Sh.M. Mammadov.
     Research and estimation of characteristics of terminal equipment
     of a link of multiservice communication networks, pp.75-80.