Vol.44, Issue 5, 2010

N.M. Ivanov
     The comparative analysis of methods of amplitude-phase distribution estimation
     for weak signals with extended spectrum, pp.5-14.
M. Greitans, V.N. Aristov, E. Hermanis
     Pulse former with picosecond front on impact avalanche transit-time diode, pp.15-23.
V. Karklinsh and K. Kruminsh
     Adaptive methods in the discrete stroboscopic signal conversion, pp.24-32.
Yu.E. Letunovich
     Heterogeneous queuing networks with restriction of residence time in modes of service, pp.33- 41.
N.K. Kasumov
     Universal method of coding in the algorithm of the data compression, pp.42-52.
Sh.A. Zargarov and F.Sh. Zargarov
     Research of transmission information between symbol and packet terminals, pp.53-58. 
V.P. Suprun and D.A. Gorodecky
     Realizing of addition and multiplying in unitary codes, pp.59-71.
P.N. Bibilo and P.V. Liavonchyk
     Experimental research of the influence of BDD optimization procedure
     on energy consumption of combinational CMOS circuits, pp.72-78.