Vol.44, Issue 4, 2010

O.I. Kostyukova, E.A. Kostina  and  N.M. Fedartsova.
    Parametric optimal control problems with weighted L1-norm in cost function, pp.5-18.
K. Kruminsh, A. Lorencs  and  V. Plocinsh.
    Mathematical abstractions and practical implementation of the method "up-and-down", pp.19-28.
K. Sudars.
    Data acquisition based on nonuniform sampling: Achievable advantages and involved problems.  (Abstract), p.29.
M.A. Schnepp-Schneppe and  J.J. Sedols.
     Call admission control in mobile networks, pp.30-39.
K.B. Mansimov and K.K. Mamedov.
     Method of solving mixed-integer knapsack problem of narrowing the values
     of objective function and variables, pp.40-53.
S.V. Yarmolik and V.N. Yarmolik.  
    Unified adaptive signature analysis, pp.54-61. 

Chin-Wen Liao  and  Chien-Yu Lu.
     Design of delay-range-dependent robust controller for uncertain genetic regulatory networks
     with interval time-varying delays, pp.62-76.
K.K. Omarova and Sh.B. Bahshiyev.
     Laplace transform of the distribution of the lower boundary functional
     of the semimarkov random walking with delaying screen in the zero, pp.77-84.