Vol.44, Issue 3, 2010

G.A. Mamedov, G.A. Rustamov and R.G. Rustamov.
   Design of logic control on the basis of optimization of Lyapunov function
   at incomplete model of object, pp.5-11.
A.K. Kirshners, S.V. Parshutin and A.N. Borisov.
   Combining clustering and decision tree classifier approaches for forecasting task, pp.12-23.
S.V. Sharkovsky and E.A Grab.
   Synthesis of high selective filters with minimal Q-factor of poles, pp.24-31.
J.J. Medel Juárez, J.C. García Infante and J.C. Sánchez García.
   Fuzzy neural net digital filtering: A MIMO structure, pp.32-44.
A.M. Abbasov and I.M. Aliyev.
   Mathematical model for a choice of optimal structure of MPLS-networks, pp.45-51.
V. Boicov and M. Zhivitere.
   Research of the broken stochastic networks of queueing with heterogeneous requests, pp.52-58. 
A.Aboltins and D. Klavins.
   Synchronization for OFDM-based communication system: A brief overview, pp.59-71.
V.P. Suprun and D.A. Gorodecky.
    Synthesis of n-operand adder for module of Three, pp.72-80