Vol.44, Issue 2, 2010

K.R. Aida-zade and A.B. Rahimov.
    Numerical solving of control problem for object
    with uncertain information on its initial state and parameters, pp.5-15.
A.A. Lorencs.
     Multivariate observation design implying non-singularity of regression
     model information matrix, pp.16-26.
V.A. Smagin and S.Yu. Smagin.
     The approached definition of function of entropy distribution, pp.27-37.
V.A. Nikolsky.
     Problem of invariance for digital systems of stabilization,
     functioning in the conditions of regular chaos, pp.38-50.
R.A. Nasibova and E.N. Nasibov.
     On a linearity of the ordered weighted aggregation, pp.51-61.
M.A. Gladshtein.
     Reducing of delay of distribution of a signal of the combinative summator
     of decimal digits in Johnson-Moebius's code, pp.62-71. 
M.A. Schnepp-Schneppe.
     Smart House and conception ITU G.hn, pp.72-82.