Vol.44, Issue 1, 2010

L.D. Cheremisinova and D.Ya. Novikov.
    SAT-based formal verification of logical descriptions with functional indeterminacy, pp.5-16.
A.S. Rybakov.  
     Reconstruction of the correction component of an interpolator transfer function
     in the process of calibrating precision timers, pp.17-31.
M.A. Schneps-Schneppe, J.J. Sedols.
    Teletraffic tasks in the call centers industry, pp.32-44.
A.Z. Melikov and M.I. Fattakhova.
    Approximate calculation of cellular wireless networks models
    with finite queues of impatience calls, pp.45-57.
M. Kulikovs and E. Petersons.
    Optimal dispatching of streams of priorities belonging to one class, pp.58-64.
G.A. Rustamov, S.G. Gardashov and R.G. Rustamov.
    Stabilization of nonlinear systems on the base of the Lyapunov function method
    with estimation of nonlinearity and disturbance, pp.65-73.
A. Hafaifa, F. Laaouad and K. Laroussi.
    Fuzzy logic approach applied to the surge detection and isolation in centrifugal compressor, pp.74-83.