Vol.43,  Issue 6,  2009

O.S. Taramin and V.I. Klimenok.
    Two-stage queueing model with the threshold strategy of callbacks, pp.5-17.
S.A. Dudin and A.V. Babitski.  
     Two-stage queueing model with admission control and two correlated arrival processes, pp.18-27.
V.N. Boicov.
    The research of possible errors in replacement models

     for queuing systems with heterogeneous requests, pp.28-35.
A.M. Abbasov, I.M. Aliyev and L.H. Kerimova.
     On a model of data centers location with an allowance for risks, pp.36-46.
K. Kazlauskas. J. Kazlauskas and G. Petreikyte.
     Comparative analysis of power spectrum estimation methods, pp.47-60.
H. Ding, Zh-M. Tang, L-H. Wei and Y-P. Li
     A study on speaker identification based on weighted LS-SVM, pp.61-70.
G.A. Rustamov, A.T. Abdullaeva and I.A. Yelciyev.
     The organization of sliding movement in systems of stabilization
     on the basis of the method of Lyapunov function, pp.71-79.

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