Vol.43,  Issue 5,  2009

V Karklinsh and.K. Kruminsh.
      Comparison of methods of signal detection
at digital stroboscopic conversion, pp.5-13.
M.A. Gladshtein.
      Algorithmic synthesis of a combinational adder of decimal digits

      encoded by the Johnson-Mobius code, pp.14-23.
A. Asars M. Kulikovs and E. Petersons.
      Optimization of buffer memory volume and

      transmission capability of the output channel in MBAC system, pp.24-31.
A.N. Dudin and B. Sun.
      Multi-server queueing system MAP/PH/N with

      controllable broadcasting service by unreliable servers, pp.32-44.
V.A. Nikolsky, B.Ya. Tsilker and V.P. Pyatkov.
ynthesis of combined control follow-up systems,
      functionings under regular chaos conditions, pp.45-52.
R.A. Yunusmetov.
Mathematical model of search system observation with structure groups, pp.53-62.
Y. Imamverdiyev, L. Kerimova and V. Musayev.
       Fingerprint liveness detection method
based on Radon transform, pp.63-71.
R.M. Aliguliyev.
       Two staged unsupervised approach to multidocument summarization
, pp.72-82.


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