Vol.43,  Issue 4,  2009

S.V. Yarmolik and V.N. Yarmolik
    Multi-signatures transparent memory testing, pp.5-13.
Z.A. Kolodiy and A.Z. Kolodiy
    Calculation of noise level of electronic technique elements, pp.14-20.
V.O. Vasyukevich
    Analytics of trigger functions, pp.21-29.
T.I. Nasirova and R.I. Sadiqova
    The Laplas transforming of the length distribution of staying of process in the given strip, pp.30-36.
A.A. Pchelkin and A.N. Borisov
    Sensitivity investigation for a neural network implementing the principal component analysis technique, pp.37-47.
P.S. Heydarov
    Neural network based on the method of standard
, pp.48-57.
A. Asars and E. Petersons
    Determination of the optimal interval of identifying parameters of self-similar flow, pp.58-65.
R. Parts and A.Ipatovs
    Estimation of efficiency of asymmetric digital technology for abonents (ADSL), pp.66-79.


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