Vol.43,  Issue 3,  2009

S.A. Dudin and V.I. Klimenok
    Queueing system with phase type process of customers arrival in sessions, pp.5-17.
V.N. Boicov
    Heterogeneous factors in stochastic queueing systems, pp.18-24.
G.A. Rustamov, Y.Q. Hasanov and R.G. Rustamov
    New strategy finites of management with variable structure for adjustable objects with delay, pp.25-35.
R. Yeryomin and E. Petersons
    Nonequilibrium process research of relaxation time
    under the condition of self-similar traffic input in wireless networks, pp.36-46.
K.R. Ayda-zade and Y.R. Ashrafova
    Control by systems with concentrated parameters
    on special classes of control functions, pp.47-56.
T.A. Aliev, Q.A. Quliyev, A.H. Rzayev, F.H. Pashayev and A.M. Abbasov
   Positionally-binary and spectral indicators of microchanges in technical conditions of objects of the control, pp.57-69.
D.V. Speranskiy

    Synchronization of non-stationary linear automats in a phase space of generalized states, pp.70-80.


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