Vol.43,  Issue 2,  2009

A. Baums
    The „Mini-Max” method for energy consumption optimization
    in embedded real-time systems, pp.5-14.
P.N. Bibilo and D.A. Gorodecky
    Computer-added logic circuits synthesis in modular arithmetic:
    can inventor be substituted by CAD, pp.15-27.
G.A. Mamedov, G.A. Rustamov and Z.R. Gasanov
    Elimination of infringement sliding mode
    at the compelled movement controlled objects, pp.28-36.
.P. Kobyak
    Theory for in-circuit observation of VLSI using an autocorrelation function, pp.37-46.
M. Kulikovs and E. Petersons
    Estimation of the simulation model parameters of system of access
    to a network of self-similar input streams, pp.47-56.
A.Z. Melikov and A.M. Velibekov
    Computational procedures for analysis of two channels assignment schemes
    in wireless communication networks, pp.57-68.
V.I. Popov
    Mathematical model of radio wave propagation in weak-forests
    (Ritov’s approximates), pp.69-75.
E. Beiners and K.Kruminsh
    Simulation and calculation of an asymmetrical balanced
    tunnel diode comparator, pp.76-80.

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