Vol.43,  Issue 1,  2009

M.Sh. Mamatov
    To the theory of differential games of pursuing in the systems with distributed parameters, pp.5-14.
A.S. Rybakov
    An estimation of the time location of the pulse signal center
    from small sampling numbers for precision event timing, pp.15-25.
E. Beiners and K.Kruminsh
    Simulation and calculation of a balanced tunnel diode comparator, pp.26-33.
J. J. Medel J,   J. C. Garcia I. and  P. Guevara L.
    Real-time neuro-fuzzy digital filtering: A technical scheme, pp.34-45.
S. Jakovlev and A. Borisov
    Application of Jordan recurrence principle in Rosenblatt’s perceptron, pp.46-55.
A. Ipatovs and E. Petersons
    Real data transmission speed and signal/noise ratio in the wireless network with mobile objects, pp.56-65.
V.I. Popov

    Determination of zone of radiosignals reliable receiving into cellular in urban area, pp. 66-70.
A.B. Glaz and V.V. Smolyaninov
    On one method to improve videoimage quality, pp.71-80.

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