Vol.42,  Issue 6,  2008

B.E. Kapustiy, B.P. Rusin and V.A. Tayanov
    The estimate of the information class coverage influence on the generalized ability of kNN classifiers, pp.5-11.
G.G.Abdullayeva and A.K.Kazim-zada
    Recognition and identification flatbed color images on the examples of the carpets patterns, pp.12-20.
D.V. Speranskiy
    About stability of free bilinear systems, pp.21-28.
A. Borisov and J. Kornijenko
    Investigation of classifier construction and incremental update methods, pp.29-37.
M.M. Isayev
    Simulation of the selection characteristics of the under boundary functional
    of the continuous stochastic process, pp.38-43.
Y.I. Mitrophanov and V.I. Dolgov
    Dynamic control of service rates in queueing networks, pp.44-56.
Che Soong Kim, A.Z. Melikov and B.Q. Ismailov
    Optimal assignment of dynamic priorities in queuing systems with two types of calls, pp.57-65.
V.V. Khutortsev and M.V. Khutortseva

    About synthesis of iteration procedure to the virtual channels optimization
    of telecommunication systems on criterion of the minimum to probability of employment, pp.66-73.
Z. Peric, A. Mosic and S. Panic
    Robust and switched nonuniform scalar quantization of gaussian source
    in a wide dynamic range of power, pp.74-84.


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