Vol.42,  Issue 5,  2008

K.B. Mansimov and A.H. Yazdankhah
    Necessary conditions of optimality in one-smooth problem
    of control with variable structure, p.5-14.
H. Bolandi  and  S.M. Esmaeilzadeh
    Analytical modelling and nonlinear strain feedback control of a flexible robot arm, p.15-30.
I.M. Aliyev
    A model of the choice the Internet-services providers, p.31-38.
Lihua Wei, Zhenmin Tang, Runyun Wang and Xibei Yang
    Extensions of dominance-based rough set approach
    in incomplete information system, p.39-49.
A.I. Gerasimov
    Analysis of mobile ad-hoc network using distributed Push-to-Talk mechanism, p.50-55.
P.N. Bibilo
    Joint decomposition of Boolean functions on the basis of solving logical equations, p.56-67.
V. Karklinsh
    Improved version of the statistical method for noisy signal processing, p.68-75.


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