Vol.42,  Issue 4,  2008

A.A. Ivaniuk and V.N. Yarmolik

    A new approach for RAM BIST hardware design, pp.5-13.
D.I. Cheremisinov and L.D. Cheremisinova
    PRALU as an agent programming language, pp. 14-26.
M.R. Ristanovic, D.V. Lazic and I. Indjin 
    Modelling, simulation and control of an electromechanical aerofin control system
    with PWM controlled DC motor, pp.27-36.
Yu. Artyukh, V. Bespalíko and E. Boole
    Non-linearity errors of high-precision event timing, pp.37-45.
V. Bistrov and E. Peterson
    Analytical estimation of packet loss probability
    in communication systems with self-similar arrival, pp.46-53.
V.V. Anishchenko, A.N. Kryuchkov, L.I. Kulbak and T.S. Martinovich
    Optimization of structure of multifunction information systems
    by criterion of desired value of the efficiency ratio, pp.54-62.
K. Kruminsh and V. Plocinsh
    About insufficiency of criterion A2/s2 in the mode of signal detection by statistical methods, pp.63-72.
V.N. Kolesnikov, S.E. Mishchenko and V.V. Shatskiy
    The algorithm to noise dumping for electromagnetic wave
    receive with multichannel antenna system, pp.73-80.
T.A. Aliev and E.R. Aliyev
    Multichannel telemeter system of seismoaural noise monitoring of earthquakes, pp.81-88,


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