Vol.42,  Issue 3,  2008

Y. Artyukh, I. Bilinskis, A. Rybakov, K. Sudars and V. Vedin
    Modular multi-channel data acquisition systems, p.5-14.
S.V. Yarmolik, A.N. Kurbatski and V.N. Yarmolik
    Optimal backgrounds selection for multi-run memory testing, p.15-23.
E.E. Gafarov
    Integral necessary conditions of quasi-singular controls in one control problem, p.24-32.
M. Broitman and S. Matantsev
    Definition of optimal de-jitter buffer size in receiving router, p.33-39.
R. Shahnazi and H. Khaloozadeh
    Output feedback control with disturbance rejection of a class of nonlinear MIMO systems, p.40-48.
A.A. Ivaniuk and A.V. Stepanov
    Functional faults injection into the VHDL-descriptions of random access memories, p.49-58.
A. Baums and N. Zaznova
    Embedded real-time system energy consumption optimization and adaptability, p.59-73.
D.Yu. Muromtsev and N.G. Chernyshov
    Features of creation of power saving control systems on set of operation conditions, p.74-82.


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