Vol.42,  Issue 2,  2008

P.A. Kucherenko and S.V. Sokolov
    The solution of the problem of the pseudo-random sequences time shift identification
    based on the nonlinear stochastic criterions, pp.5-14.
B.O. Kapustiy, B.P. Rusyn and V.A. Tayanov
    The features of construction of optimal recognition systems, pp.15-23.
K.B. Mansimov and R.O. Mastaliev
    First and second order necessary optimality conditions in control problems
    described by a system of difference equations of Volterra, pp.24-31.
A.I. Loskutov, V.P. Obruchenkov, S.M. Sokolov and M.A. Kuksenko
    An estimation algorithm of the in- and output-open systems’ state modeled with the help of
    finite-state automation during the process of the compound objects’ test, pp.32-40.
Kh.M. Hamzaev
    Optimum control of the elastic mode development of the oil layer, pp.41-48.
A.M. Bajborodov
    Formation of system of the vector linear integrated equations in problems of diffraction, pp.49-54.
Sh.F. Maharramov
    Optimality condition of a nonsmooth switching control system, pp.55-64.
G.A. Rustamov
    Lyapunov fuzzy-controllers general purpose, pp.65-73.
V.A. Smagin
    Nanotechnologies – the basis of creation of new highly reliable elements, pp.74-77.


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