Vol.42,  Issue 1,  2008

A.S. Rybakov
    Estimation and correction of time bias for calculated trajectory in satellite laser ranging, pp.5-15.
I.P. Kobyak
    The elements of theory and technique of division and
    multiplication operation in pseudoneuronal systems, pp.16-19.
T.A. Aliev, E.R. Aliev, D.I. Mastaliyeva and U.E. Rzayeva
    Adaptive technology of discretization of noisy signals, pp.20-37.
J.J. Medel Juárez, J.C. García Infante and P. Guevara López
    Real-time fuzzy digital filters (RTFDF) properties for SISO systems, pp.38-49.
V. Karklinsh
    A modified statistical method for low level noisy signal detection, pp.50-54.
E. Beiners, K. Kruminsh and V. Petersons
    Experimental study of a digital sampling signal converter, pp.55-65.
R.M. Aliguliyev
    The mathematic model of optimum distribution of the demands in content delivery networks, pp.66-72.
R. Faradjullayev
    The analysis a log-files of a web-server and detection of attacks, pp.73-78.
A.I. Gerasimov
    Calculation of mean time for transmitting of messages in mobile ad-hoc network
    using distributed Push-to-Talk mechanism, pp.79-82.


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