Vol.41,  Issue 6,  2007

S.V. Sokolov and P.A. Kucherenko
    Nonlinear parametric identification based on the minimum criterion
    of the estimation error probability, pp.3-9.
V.A. Smagin
    Information properties of the elementary operator
    with the feedback and some conclusions, pp.10-19.
K.Sh. Mamedov and S.Y. Huseynov
    Methods of construction suboptimal solutions for integer programming problem
    and their consequential improving, pp.20-31.
R.M. Alguliev, R.M. Aliguliyev and F.F. Yusifov
    Automatic identification of Web-user interests, pp.32-47.
O.G. Nusratov and P.Sh. Geydarov
    Position-width-impulse algorithm of recognition of handwritten symbols, pp.48-54.
S.V. Yarmolik
    Generation of optimal address sequences for detection of complex memory faults, pp.55-62.
A. Hamza  and S. Chitroub
    Performance study of receiver based on independent component analysis in Cdma systems, pp.63-71.
O.V. Semenova and A.N. Dudin
    M|M|N  queueing system with controllable service mode and disasters, pp.72-80.




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