Vol.41,  Issue 5,  2007

V.V. Khutortsev
    The analysis of antinoise properties for spline interpolation structures
    in estimation problems, pp.3-17.
V.A. Smagin
    Model individual forecasting of the condition of the person, pp.18-23.
N.M. Ivanov and E.G. Shedel
    The method of increasing the output ratio signal/noise
    in passive multielement antenna arrays, pp.24-31.
G.A. Rustamov and M.B. Namazov
    The approach to synthesis of fuzzy systems of stabilization
    at a priori unknown model of object, pp.32-39.
E.N. Nasibov and A. Mert
    On defuzzification methods of parametrical represented fuzzy numbers, pp.40-51.
A.A. Kostoglotov, A.I. Kostoglotov and S.V. Lazarenko
    United principle of the maximum in problem of the synthesis
    of optimum management nonlinear system, pp.52-61.
J.K. Oh, K.H. You and G.H. Heo
    Optimized DOA estimation for array antenna, pp.62-69.
V. Karklinsh and K. Kruminsh
    Correlation filtering of statistically transformed signals, pp.70-76.
N.K. Kasumov
    Three-factor model of coding as guarantor of the lossless content compression, pp.77-82.


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