Vol.41,  Issue 4,  2007

A.A. Kostoglotov
    The solution of the problem of A. Fuller on to the basis of the consolidated principle
    Pontryagin Hamilton Ostrogradsky
, pp.3-14.
V.A. Smagin
    The individual forecast of the product serviceability, pp.15-25.
E.N. Nasibov
    A task assignment problem in fuzzy information and its two-stage solution algorithm, pp.26-35.
A.Z. Melikov, F.N. Nagiyev and T.S. Kaziyev
    Approximate calculation of characteristics of multirate queue
    with elastically and non-elastically calls, pp.36-50.

D.I. Cheremisinov
    Synthesis of a program that realize the finite state machine, pp.51-62.
Limin Xu    Zhenmin Tang
    Speaker identification using multi-step clustering algorithm with
    transformation-based GMM, pp.63-72.

R.M. Aliguliyev and F.F. Yusifov

    Development of model for analysis activity of Web users with use Web traffic mining, pp.73-77.

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