Vol.41,  Issue 3,  2007

A.A. Ivaniuk and V.N. Yarmolik
    Functional faults injection into VHDL-descriptions of digital devices, pp.3-12.
S.V. Sokolov and P.A. Kucherenko
    The nonlinear suboptimal filtering of the pseudo-random sequences, pp.13-20.
R.M. Alguliev and R.M. Aliguliyev
    Summarization of text documents with definition
    of the latent topics and informative sentences, pp.21-32.
P.N. Bashly and E.L. Popovskii
    Optimization of antenna arrays on neurocomputers, pp.33-43.
K. Kazlauskas and J. Kazlauskas
    Determination of MIMO system characteristics, pp.44-55.
Q.A. Rustamov, M.B. Namazov and L.M. Misrikhanov
    Synthesis of the relay regulator with the fuzzy moments of switching
    on the basis of the macrovariable, pp.56-62.

D.V. Lazić
    Exponential tracking control of an electro-pneumatic servo motor, pp.63-73.

S.A. Bagirova and K.B. Mansimov
    Singular controls in one-stepped control problem, pp.74-81.

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