Vol.41,  Issue 2,  2007

T.A. Aliev, A.M. Abbasov, E.R. Aliev and Q.A. Quliev
    Digital technology and a system for receiving and analysis of information
    from deep layers of the earth with the purpose interference monitoring
    of technical state of social significant objects,pp.3-15.
I.V. Burlai and M.A. Titov
    Regularization of the measurement data processing problem
    under the conditions of the apriori uncertainty, pp.16-25.
N.F. Musaeva
    Robust correlation coefficients as initial data for solving a problem of confluent analysis, pp.26-41.
I.A. Murashko
    A new approach of high-speed M-sequence generator design, pp.42-48.
V.O. Vasyukevich
    Asynchronous sequences decoding, pp.49-59.
I.P. Kobyak
    The dispersion of distribution and the efficiency of probability estimations
    of the observation of waveform vectors, pp.60-68.
L.H. Kerimova
    About one approach to clustering of the network traffic, pp.69-77.
A.A. Altyeb
    Effects of TCP congestion control mechanism on self-similarity of network traffic, pp.78-83.

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