Vol.41,  Issue 1,  2007

K. Kruminsh, A.Lorencs and V. Plocinsh
    À2 paradox in the statistical weak signal processing, pp.3-14.
E.N. Nasibov
    A fuzzy least squares regression model based on the
    weighted distance between fuzzy numbers, pp.15-26.
K.R. Aida-zadeh and A.B. Ragimov
    On solving optimal control problems on the class of piecewise constant functions, pp.27-36.
A.M. Bajborodov
    Simplification of system of the scalar equations at the solution of diffraction’s problems, pp.37-44.
M. Shafiq and N.R. Butt
    Real-time adaptive tracking of DC motor speed using U-model based IMC, pp.45-54.
M. Fezari and M. Bousbia-Salah
    Speech and sensor in guiding an electric wheelchair, pp.55-61.
R.M. Aliguliyev
    Hyperlinks analysis and the Ant algorithm for computation of Web pages ranks, pp.62-75.
N.K. Kasumov
    Cryptographic means as emulator of procedures for the data compression lossless, pp.76-81.

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