Vol.40,  Issue 6,  2006

N.S. Demin and S.V. Rozhkova
    Optimum control of stochastic systems in case of continuous-discrete channels
    of supervision with memory,pp.3-15.
V.A. Smagin
    Discrete analogue of mathematical model J.Mysa and its application,pp. 16-24.
A.A. Kostoglotov and A.V. Tchebotaryov
    Synthesis of optimum algorithm of the estimation of the phase
    on the basis of the integrated maximum principal, pp.25-33.
F.M. Raimondi and M. Melluso
    Model identification using a statistical cluster LPC approach with application
    to motion of a brushless motor, pp.34-49.
A.Z. Melikov, V.Sh. Feyziyev and A.M. Rustamov
    Analysis of packet processing in ATM networks with multiple space and time priorities, pp.50-59.
I.P. Kobyak
    Course-of-value function for probability distribution of wave front vectors, pp.60-67.
R.M. Alguliev and G.M. Aliev
    Classification of clients of electronic commerce system with fuzzy initial information, pp.68-74.
M.H. Sharifov
    Minimization of delivery cost in Content Delivery Networks
    with multilevel hierarchical architecture, pp.75-80.

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