Vol.40,  Issue 5,  2006

I. Bilinskis č Yu. Artyukh
    An approach to distributed analog-to-digital conversions, pp. 3-11.
T.A. Aliev
    Fundamentals of interference monitoring of the defect origin beginning, pp.12-24.
B.O. Kapustiy, B.P. Rusyn and V.A. Tayanov
    Classifier optimization in small sample size condition, pp.25-32.
E.N. Nasibov and G. Ulutagay
    On the fuzzy joint points method for fuzzy clustering problem, pp.33-44.
I.V. Burlai and D.A. Padalko
    Complex model for time-spatial parameters of the mobile objects
    with due account of navigational measurements, pp.45-51.
I.V. Burlai and S.V. Bogatsky
    Cumulant method of QAM identification, pp.52-58.
V.N. Yarmolik and S.V. Yarmolik
    Address sequences for multiple run March tests, pp.59-68.
Yu.I. Mitrophanov and E.S. Rogachko
    Models and analysis of queueing networks with dynamic control of load allocation, pp.69-77.
I.M. Aliev
    Model “ISP-user” on the basis of the service level agreement,pp.78-84.

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