Vol.40,  Issue 4,  2006

Yu.I. Mitrophanov and E.S. Rogachko
    A method of dynamic control of load allocation among subnetworks of a closed queuing network, pp.3-13.
A.S. Rybakov
    Time selection of the signals and tracking for the satellite laser ranging, pp.14-22.
K. Krūmiņš, V. Kārkliņš and V. Plociņš
    A statistical method for small signal detection and conversion, pp.23-32.
R.O. Lavrov, V.A. Smagin and V.N. Harin
    Application of the precision theory of the software reliability
    to the computer realization of cosines law, pp.33-41.

R.M. Alguliev, R.M. Aliguliyev and M.H. Sharifov
    A model of the optimal placement of servers and web contents in a content delivery networks, pp.42-50.
Te-Jen Su and Cian-Pin Wei
    A hybrid linear matrix inequality and genetic algorithm
    for infinite impulse response equalizer design, pp.51-61.

P.N. Bashly
    About potential characteristics of quasioptimal antenna array control, pp.62-71.
K.B. Mansimov and A.A. Abdullayev
    Investigation of singular controls in one problem of control
    by two-dimensional integral equations of Walters type, pp.72-81.

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V.Pelipeiko,  Dr. Habil. Sc. Comp.
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