Vol.40,  Issue 3,  2006

V.A. Smagin
    Principle of duality in the theory of casual processes, pp.3-12.
A.A. Lorencs
    Noise transformed by sampling and its variance estimation, pp.13-22.
A.I. Dolgov
    Method of the piecewise linear rating normalization, pp.23-30.
Yu. Chizhov and A. Borisov
    Recurrent Elman network with error back propagation in agent control task, pp.31-44.
E.A. Yakubaitis
    Books fragmentation, pp.45-50.
B.G. Ismaylov
    The analysis of characteristics of systems of the information protection
    in the distributed network, pp.51-59.
S. Minkevicius
    Analysis and application of limit external theorem in open queuing networks, pp.60-70.
I.E. Tananko
    A method of optimal routing control in queuing networks with variable configuration, pp.71-77.
M. Bousbia-Salah and M. Fezari
  An ultrasonic mobility system for blind and visually impaired people
, pp.78-83.

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