Vol.40,  Issue 2,  2006

M.A. Gladshtein
    The structural improvement of serial decimal processor unit of an universal digital nanocomputer, pp.3-14.
A.Z. Melikov, M.I. Fattakhova and T.S. Kaziyev
    Multiple-speed system with specialized channels for servicing the broadband applications, pp.15-25.
D.I. Cheremisinov
    The logic structure of agent interaction in multi-agent systems, pp.26-38.
S. Yu. Petrik and V.N. Yarmolik
    Obfuscation by influence the modules coupling, pp.39-46.
N.B. Agayev
    Adaptive methods for evaluating the gas-dynamic parameters of the gas supply pipeline systems, pp.47-53.
J. Vanags, U. Viesturs and M. Vishkins
    Flexible and user-friendly fermentation process controller, pp.54-62.
O.V. Semenova
    Hysteresis control for bmap|g|1 queueing system with Markovian flow of failures, pp.63-72.
V.V. Mushko
    The m/ m / system with addressed retrials and guard servers, pp.73-81.

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