Vol.40,  Issue 1,  2006

V.O. Vasyukevich
    Redundant codes gamming, pp.3-11.
O.K. Nusratov
    Positionally-pulse-width algorithm of recognition of the cyclic signals, pp.12-17.
I.V. Shcherban’ and D.A. Padalko
    The object control synthesis for the sake of the bypass of the spatial areas
    with the apriori undetermined mobile centers, pp. 18-30.
T. Khaniyev, T. Kesemen, O. Kesemen and R Aliyev
    Some asymptotic results for the stationary characteristics
    of the semi-Markovian random walk with a barrier, pp. 31-43.
X. Liu, H. Xu, Y. Wang, J. Qian and Y. Dong
    Online parallel aggregation for power data streams, pp. 44-56.
N.V. Yudaeva
    Queuing networks with dynamic distributed routing and delayed information, pp. 57-66.
A.I. Gerasimov
    Optimized and balanced computer systems and networks
    with regard to arriving information, pp.67-81.


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