Vol.39,  Issue 6,  2005

T.A. Aliev and A.M. Abbasov
    Digital technology and the system of interference monitoring of the technical state
    of constructive objects, and the system of the signaling of abnormal seismic processes. - pp.3-10.
E.N. Nasibov and G. Ulutagay
     A new approach to clustering problem using the fuzzy joint points method. - pp.11-21.
Yu.I. Mitrophanov
    Analysis of queuing networks with control of service rates. - pp.22-31.
M.G. Mamedova and Z.Q. Cabrailova
    Decision-making in management of heavily formalized systems. - pp.33-39.
M.S. Hong and K.H. You
    Optimal sliding-mode controller design based on state observer. - pp.40-51.
R.M. Alguliev, R.M. Aliguliyev and A.M. Bagirov
    Global optimization in summarization of text documents. - pp.52-59.
I.P. Kobyak
    Comparative analysis of error missing probabilities by synthesis of signatures
    and estimates of transfer vector number. - pp.60-68.
A.V. Kazimirsky
    A stable algorithm for calculating the stationary distribution for a queue with batch
    Markovian arrival process, storehouse and a marked Markovian arrival process of disasters. - pp.69-78.


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