Vol.39,  Issue 4,  2005

I.V. Shcherban’
    The player-ally suboptimal control in the positional differential game. - pp.3-14.
T.A. Aliev and N.F. Musaeva
    Technology of experimental research of the stochastic processes. -pp.15-26.
A.A. Lorencs
    Results of discrete sampling statistical approach and estimate of their variance. - pp.27-41.
F.G. Feyziev
    Description of decoding of cyclic codes in a class of sequential machines. - pp.42-47.
S. Ilnickis and E.Petersons
    Nonstacionary behavior research of Terminal-Server System
    with self-similar approximated input flow. - pp.48-59.
W. Oniszczuk
    Modeling of dynamical flow control procedures in closed type queuing models of
    a computer networks with blocking. - pp.60-69.
K. Krūmiņš and V. Kārkliņš
    The method “up-and-down” modifications at the mode of detection low signals
    for superwideband radars. - pp.70-77.
E. Hermanis
    Role of the pulse duration in the transfer of the amplitude-manipulated binary signals. - pp.78-82.


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