Vol.39,  Issue 3,  2005

V.Yu. Korolev, I.G. Shevtsova and H. Bevrani
    Practical estimation of the availability function for an info-telecommunication system,  pp.3-15.
K.R. Ayda-zadeh
    An approach to synthesis of focused control in distributed systems,  pp.16-22.
Yu.I. Mitrophanov
    Control of service rates in closed exponential queueing networks,  pp.23-34.
E.N. Nasibov and R.A. Nasibova
    Information aggregation for resolving the fuzzy bin packing problem,  pp.35-43.
I.V. Shcherban’
    Suboptimal parametric identification method for a model of
    space vehicle gyroscopic navigational systems,  pp.44-53.
R.M. Alguliev and Ya.N. Imamverdiev
    Efficient generation of elliptic curves over extension fields,  pp.54-61.
Chern-Sheng Lin, Hsien-Tse Chen, Der-Chin Chen, Jiann-Lih Hwang and Mau-Shiun Yeh
    Development and application of a multi-functional PC camera with
    eye-tracking and head controlled system,  pp.62-70.
A.Z. Melikov, M.I. Fattakhova and A.T. Babaev
    Studies of cellular communication networks
    with individual channels for service of handover-calls,  pp.71-81.


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