Vol.39,  Issue 2,  2005

I.V. Burlai and G.V. Todua
    Synthesis of filtering systems and parameter identification of information processes
    under conditions of a priori uncertainty. pp.3-14.
V. Schetinin, A. Brazhnikov and V. Abrukov
    Self-organizing of neural-network models under conditions of unrepresentative data sets. pp.15-23.
V.A. Smagin
    Generalization of the physical reliability principle of professor N.M. Sedyakin. pp.24-35.
V.N. Gutnikov, S.V. Korobenko and I.A. Sosnovsky
    The anthropocentric approach to training automatization for operators
    of technical complexes. pp.36-44.
E.N. Mishchenko, S.E. Mishchenko, V.V. Shatsky and S.V. Zemlyansky
    Algorithm for suppression of linear polarization noise in radio channels
    with circular polarization. pp.45-52.
A. Albostan, M. Yaz and Y. Isik
    Adaptive PID design for nonlinear second order dynamics system. pp.53-65.
R.M. Alguliev and E.R. Rahimov
    A fuzzy model for information security estimation of corporate networks. pp.66-74.
P.N. Bibilo and N.A. Kirienko
Block synthesis of combinational circuits for customized VLSI designs. pp.75-82.

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