Vol.39,  Issue 1,  2005

M.A. Gladshtein
    Choice of information presentation basics for design of an universal digital nanocomputer. pp.3-14.
K.R. Aida-zadeh and S.Z. Guliev
    A task for nonlinear system control synthesis. pp.15-23.
I.V. Shcherban’
    Suboptimal identification of high dimension parameter vectors
    in real time at dynamic object observation. pp.24-33.
M. Broitman, S. Matancev and G. Petersons
    Efficiency analysis of some QoS for VoIP-traffic. pp.34-39.
V.V. Khocholava and I.S. Mikadze
    A model of data transfer via unreliable communication channel
    subjected to heterogeneous failures. pp.40-45.
E.A. Perepyolkin and A.V. Shovkun
    Combined algorithm for node ranking in a Web graph. pp.46-53.
Ş. Yildirim
    A modified neural network for trajectory control of
    robot manipulators. pp.54-58
A. Borisov and A. Ressin

    Studies of the collectiveness factor in multi-agent systems. pp.59-73.
A.Z. Melikov and V.Sh. Feyziyev
    Processing with priorities in ATM switching nodes. pp.74-84.

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