Over many years we provide R&D activity in the area of high-precision Event Timing: measurement of the time of an event identified with some predetermined point of a signal (such as pulse edge, zero crossing, etc). Currently this kind of timing measurement is recognized as the most advanced for various applications where both extreme precision and high measurement rate are especially needed.

Background of our activity in this area is an approach to the event timing based on the novel interpolation technique. In practice this technique can provide picosecond precision at measurement rate up to tens of MHz. On this basis various custom-made application-specific timing systems and devices are designed, a variety of related problems (such as reliable testing of high-precision timing devices) are solved. In 2004 our results in this area were recognized as one of the best Latvian scientific achievements.

Currently the area of applications for our timing instruments is focused on Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) where we successfully collaborate with our partners in the framework of “International Laser Ranging Service” (http://ilrs.gsfc.nasa.gov/). However we are looking for other possible applications to extend applicability of such instrumentation.


We reproduce in a limited quantity and deliver our latest Timing Products on request. See Ordering information to order the selected products. In addition we are carrying out new projects with the aim to extend the range of our timing products (see News) and make them more attractive for your application. To familiarize yourself in more details with our timing products and some aspects of their applications see White Papers and relevant Publications.



We are also interested in collaboration with potential users and offer our experience to develop and design on the basis of long-term contracts the original timing instruments strictly tailored to individual requirements. Feel free to ask artyukh@edi.lv




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