Publikācijas 2015 Registration Method for Multispectral Skin Images.

KADIĶIS R., 2015. Registration Method for Multispectral Skin Images. Proc. of 25th international conference Radioelectronika 2015, Pardubice, Chech Republic, April, 21-22, 2015, pp. 232-235

Abstract: A feature-based image registration method is presented for the use on the multispectral skin images. The proposed method allows the use and combination of different kinds of feature points, so it can be adjusted to different applications. The local minima and maxima are used as features for the skin images. By analyzing all possible shifts among feature points in the reference and sensed images, the proposed method efficiently finds translation among these images. The method is expanded to also determine rotation and scale. The proposed method is compared with other area-based and feature-based methods (proposed in the literature specifically for skin images) by testing those methods on a set of multispectral skin images.