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Network research and development laboratory

   Laboratory was founded in 1979 as one of the main developers group participated in big project - WAN network of Academy of Sciences of former USSR. This network joined tens of biggest scientific institutions located on the huge territory from Vladivostok till Kaliningrad. International connections with other WAN networks have been established later. Network communication software for mainframe computers, in according with ISO model layers 3-7, have been developed and launched by laboratory’s staff. A number of interface protocols and drivers were also worked out to ensure intercommunication with network equipment. Network products developed in laboratory were used in many countries and dozen years. More then 150 scientific papers were published.

   The main interests of laboratory at present are investigation of network processes and structures, analyzing and optimization of resource utilization.

   Laboratory staff at present includes two 3 programmers and technicians.

   Main activities last years:
- investigation of the efficiency of Quality of Services (QoS) for time-sensitive traffic;
- investigation of wireless network architectures;
- the analysis of data transfer efficiency in wireless networks.