Research activities

Main scientific directions

In view of the accumulated knowledge and actual expertise of the leading IECS specialists the main directions of the IECS activity including both established topics and prospective areas are as follows:

1. Novel information, communication and signal processing technology methods:

  • Original signal acquisition and processing methods;
  • Event timing and processing with extremely high resolution;
  • Development of platforms for sensor network architecture and sensor node software;
  • Signal processing in transformed time domain;
  • Image processing and pattern recognition.

2. Smart integrated systems for data acquisition, processing and transmission:

  • Extremely precise event chronometric systems;
  • High efficiency and safety data transmission networks,
  • Safe and convenient multimodal biometrics technologies;
  • Multifunctional intelligent transport systems;
  • Technologies of ultra wide band high sensitivity location and data transmission;
  • Designing, prototyping and testing of electronic devices and special-purpose chips, including software-defined radio solutions.

3. Perspective R&D directions:

  • Cyberphysical systems;
  • Acquisition and processing of biomedical signals;
  • Photonics;
  • Space data processing and satellite electronics.