Publications 2011 Combined peak and level-crossing sampling scheme

M.Greitans, R.Shavelis, L.Fesquet and T.Beyrouthy, "Combined peak and level-crossing sampling scheme", The 9th International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications SampTA 2011, Singapore, May 2-6, 2011.g.


The paper proposes a modification of the traditional level-crossing sampling technique, which allows reducing the number of obtained samples, if the levels are placed too densely within the dynamic range of the input signal. The reduction is based on finding and keeping only those level-crossing samples, which are most closely located to signal peaks. All the other samples are discarded. In such a way, the obtained result is similar to peak sampling with samples being taken only at peak points (local extrema) of the signal. The recovery of the continuous signal can be based on piecewise linear interpolation, which provides good results for the speech signal. The proposed sampling technique can be used in data acquisition systems to reduce the amount of data being transferred.