Patents Patent 14802

Latvian Patent No. 14802. “Coincidence circuit with an input pulse selector”. Inventors V.Bespaļko, A.Skaģeris, V.Vedins Owner: Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. Published:  20.01.2014.

The offered coincidence circuit provided with an input pulse selector can be used to extract a useful signal from the mixture of the signal and noise upon the criterion of the simultaneous appearance of the signal at the outputs of several sensors. As opposed to known coincidence circuits the proposed circuit has extended functional possibilities, because, due to the presence of an analog switch and a delay element, the circuit outputs the selected signal with its amplitude and shape preserved. Such functional extension is useful in the case when parameters, such as the amplitude and shape of coinciding sensor signals, are informative. Besides, the resolution time of the proposed circuit does not depend on the duration of input pulses, which increases the effectiveness of the coincidence detection. The proposed coincidence circuit had been tested in the satellite laser ranging experiments and made it possible to perform the ranging during the day time. At that, the possibility of detecting the amplitudes of the photo-detector pulses for correcting the measured distance from a satellite had been preserved.