Patents Patent 14691

Latvian Patent No. 14691. “Monostable multivibrator”. Inventors: V.Bespaļko, A.Mezeriņš. Owner: Institute of Electronics and Computer Science: . Published: 20.06.2013.

The proposed monostable multivibrator relates to precision pulse forming electronics, and it can be applied for generation of stable duration pulses insensitive to temperature variation. The occurrence of the input trigger pulse 1sets the trigger into active state. The initial state of the trigger 2 is restored via the reset circuit 3 (implemented by cable delay line) and comparator 4. As a result, the output pulse 6 is generated with a predetermined duration defined by the reset circuit 3 and comparator 4 delays. The value of the delay introduced by the comparator may be controlled by the voltage source 5 level applied to comparator inverse input. The voltage source 5 level may be made dependent on the temperature variation (for example by the use of thermistors). If the relationship between the temperature variation and instant monostable multi - vibrator output pulse duration variation is known, then the voltage  source 5 level is set to compensate the monostable multivibrator output pulse 6 duration variation. As a result, instant monostable multivibrator circuit is characterized by high precison, since its output pulse duration provides high stability irrelative to ambient temperature variation.